USHL and AMITA Health Care Network (AHCN)

USHL and AMITA Health Care Network (AHCN) offer Chicago employers an innovative approach to group healthcare coverage. The AMITA Health Care Network offers high-level care in multiple specialties such as neuroscience, heart and vascular, behavioral medicine and oncology. Many of our programs are ranked best in the region, with state-of-the art facilities – including three U.S. News and World Report “Best Hospitals.” We offer some of the latest innovative treatments, and behavioral health, a critical component in chronic care management, is integrated throughout our services and outpatient facilities. We also offer virtual visits for common conditions through eAMITA, a mobile application that connects patients to our physicians from any smartphone, tablet or personal computer without the need to visit the doctor’s office.

The AMITA Network

Powered by two of the nation’s largest faith-based health systems, Adventist and Ascension, AHCN includes more than 1,600 top rated primary care and specialty care physicians who put patients at the center of the care model and who promote quality, safety and better outcomes in a way that is efficient, effective and affordable.

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Coordinated Care Means Quality

When providers and facilities can truly communicate on behalf of their patient, everyone wins. Through shared information, each patient’s health is coordinated by the entire team, ensuring both patient and providers have a shared vision of health and wellness goals. Coordinated care makes it easier for members and insurers to get the best care at the best price, with a focus on quality over quantity.

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Advanced Care Working for You

AMITA Health Care Network offers advanced care via electronic medical records, a population health tool and the recent launching of innovative mobile applications eAMITA and AMITA Health ✔ – that use patient-generated health data to monitor more than 100 different health conditions in certain specialties.

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Learn more in-depth information about AMITA Health and the AHCN partnership with USHL.

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