Dental & Vision

USHL Partners with Argus to deliver dental and vision plan options that give you flexibility to choose the right plan for your team. The Argus network offers the global advantage of paying both participating and non-participating providers from the applicable fee schedule– meaning that each member can utilize the services of any desired provider and still receive coverage and benefits.*

Dental Coverage Highlights

  • Groups select the desired plan, deductible, annual max and ortho max** to tailor a plan to their member needs.
  • Guaranteed-issue rates.

Plan Summaries:

* Fee schedules apply. Balance billing is the patient’s responsibility.
** Available Orthodontic Services (Class V) only for dependent children up to age 19 and only if benefit selected.

Vision Coverage Highlights

  • Groups select between two plans based on their member needs.
  • Plans cover eye exams, glasses and contact and include an out-of-network reimbursement allowance.

Plan Summaries:

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