Allay Care

Put your mind at ease by planning ahead

As a member of US Health and Life Insurance Company, you now have access to the Allay Care Digital Self Service tool.

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Allay Care is an organization dedicated to helping people talk about their end-of-life preferences and the reasons behind them. The Allay Care Digital Self Service tool walks you through 14 essential topics, and creates a comprehensive list of your wishes in a PDF easily shared with your loved ones.

Although talking about dying can be tough, most people feel relief and more at peace once their wishes are documented. You can feel secure knowing your friends and family can make decisions informed by your stated preferences, instead of trying to guess what your decisions would be.

Let the Allay Care Digital Self Service tool give you peace of mind.


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“It’s a relief making my wishes known. Now we’re all on the same page. Some of this wasn’t easy — but all of it is important.”

— Jeremy C., Nashville, TN

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