Include USHL Coverage In Your Portfolio.

You provide the best possible service to your groups and prospects– that’s why you need to include USHL coverage options in your portfolio. We will offer the best fit for many of your groups given our comprehensive provider networks, PPO plan designs, competitive rates and superior customer service.

USHL offers your groups a full spectrum of coverage types including:

  • Prescription Drug Plans
  • SafeGuard
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Health & Wellness
  • Life and AD&D

Our agents work with an assigned USHL General Agent (GA), and have access to our sales support team and account managers. Quoting with us is easy– either send in your quote requests or get registered for 24/7 online quoting access.

Become a USHL Appointed Agent

While you don’t have to be appointed with us to obtain a quote, you are required to become appointed to use prior to new group implementation. Get more information about Agent compensation, prescreens and more.

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Agent Directory

See the list of our Agents and territories as well as sales support and new business contact information.

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Agent Forms & Resources

Get the materials you need to

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Learn more about the plans Ascension Personalized Care (APC) offers. APC is Individual ACA Marketplace coverage.
To find your general agent, click here: